We aim to help children learn right from wrong by;

  • Reassuring them that strong feelings are acceptable, especially when children do not have the language to express how they feel.
  • Setting fair and consistent boundaries appropriate to the child’s level of understanding.
  • Helping them become aware of the effect of what they say and do on other.
  • Helping them respect the feelings of others and setting a good example by showing respect and how to co-operate with others.

To encourage positive behaviour we actively

  • Praise and reinforce good behaviour.
  • Encourage sharing and negotiation.
  • Reassuring children that they are always valued as individuals, even if their behaviour may sometimes be unacceptable.   



We believe that an open access policy is the best way of encouraging involvement. Parents/ carers are welcome to view The Nursery EYFS Manual which governs the way in which we work. It is available at any time we are open by simply asking a member of staff. They are also welcome to see records kept on their child, but as this would require withdrawing staff from their usual duties it would be hoped that arrangements could be made in advance. Furthermore it is the policy to provide a regular feedback to the parent/carer on the progress of each child through regular verbal reports from the staff actually caring for the child. A regular newsletter will be given to let you know about what the children have been doing and any changes in the running of the Nursery.

We are very proud of the product we provide to you and we hope that the description on the web site, the nursery EYFS manual, your placement interview, tour of the facilities, free settling in period and our childcare agreement contract give you full understanding of what we do and how we operate.