Other Info



We would appreciate parents telling us, as early as possible, of any absence due to sickness, or for any unexpected reason. Fees will still be charged for the sessions missed.


We ask that parents do not send their children to the Nursery if the children have rashes, sickness, diarrhoea, etc. If your child has any infectious illness, they must remain at home. We reserve the right to refuse any child who appears to be ill on arrival. If your child becomes ill while at the Nursery, we will contact you or a nominee. In an emergency we reserve the right to take a child to a Doctor or Hospital.


For reasons of security, the door of the Nursery will be locked at all times. Please ring the bell and wait to be let in.

If your child is to be collected by any other person not known to us we must be told in advance. We understand in an emergency, you may only be able to give short notice of this, we therefore will ask you for a name and description and from them, some form of identification. Adequate on-street parking is available immediately outside the Nursery.


Aprons will be provided for messy play, but as accidents do happen, parents are asked to provide a spare set of children’s clothing a bag and clearly labelled with their name.


For children still using nappies, will parents please provide a bag with disposable nappies and changing materials, i.e. wipes, cream, etc.